Our special thanks to our colleagues who shared their insights and comments on this draft:

Director’s Office

  • Krista Bunch
  • Jeanne Clarke
  • Mafara Hobson
  • Shauna Larsen
  • Kristen Simpson
  • Sam Zimbabwe

Capital Projects Division

  • Therese Casper
  • Greg Izzo 

Downtown Mobility 

  • Heather Marx 
  • Meghan Shepard

Finance and Administration Division

  • Stephen Barham 
  • Emily Burns 
  • Kris Castleman
  • David Conway
  • Angel Garcia 
  • Terry Martin 

Policy and Planning Division

  • Radcliffe Dacanay 
  • Aditi Kambuj
  • Tracy Krawczyk
  • Chisaki Muraki-Valdovinos 

Maintenance and operations division

  • Susan Byers
  • Dahvee Enciso 
  • Jinny Green 
  • Rodney Maxie 
  • Ross McFarland 
  • Sonia Palma 
  • Jane Rebelowski
  • Nolan Rundquist 

Street Use Division

  • Melody Berry 
  • Daniel Rockhold 
  • Craig Moore 
  • Rob Shaw 
  • Elizabeth Sheldon

Transit and Mobility Division

  • Margo Dawes 
  • Candida Lorenzana 
  • Fred Perez 
  • Kelly Rula 
  • Mary Catherine Snyder 
  • Rachel Verboort 

Transportation Operations Division

  • Jason Cambridge
  • Jeffrey Conor 
  • Adiam Emery
  • Tim McCall 
  • Band Sittikariya 

RSJI Change Team (Equity & Inclusion)

  • Viviana Garza 
  • Chris Tipton 

Mayor’s Office

  • Kate Garman 

Office of Sustainability & Environment

  • Kadie Bell Sata 

Seattle Information Technology

  • Ginger Armbruster
  • Suzy Brunzell 
  • Jim Loter 
  • Jacqueline Marr 
  • Max McGrath

Need More Information?

This is a draft plan. It was developed by Benjamin de la Pena, Mary Alyce Eugene, Alex Hagenah, and Sam Marshall along with their colleagues from across the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT).

If you have questions about this plan, please send us email via draft_tiip@seattle.gov.

If you have questions about SDOT, please visit our website at www.seattle.gov/transporation.

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